Smart Doorbell: Make a Doorbell That Sends Notifications to Your Phone When Pressed

Hey everyone have you ever had the experience of missing a package because you didn’t hear the doorbell?. Maybe you’re just, into technology and want to bring your home into the modern era. Either way a smart doorbell that sends notifications to your phone can truly be a game changer. Stick around. I’ll walk you through all the ins and outs of why and how it works.

Why Choose a Smart Doorbell?
Enhanced Security

things first lets talk about safety. We’re not living in the ’90s anymore when a simple peephole was considered cutting edge security tech. Smart doorbells offer features like video streaming providing you with a layer of protection. It’s like having a security guard who never takes breaks but is fueled by endless cups of coffee.


Lets face it. Who wouldn’t love being able to see who’s at the door without leaving the comfort of their couch? This ingenious tech solution gives you that!

Welcome to the Future!

And lets be honest it’s undeniably cool. Just imagine feeling like Tony Stark with one of these gadgets at your doorstep.

Types of Smart Doorbells

Keep in mind that not all smart doorbells are created equal. Some are more basic, like budget friendly smartphones that fulfill essential functions while others are top of the line options comparable, to iPhones.

Streamlined Notification Systems

These smart doorbells provide notification systems for your convenience.

They’ll send you a notification, to your phone. It’s like magic like that.
Doorbell Cameras with Video Capability

Now this is where things get interesting. These impressive devices allow you to see who’s at your door.
Cutting Edge Features, Including Facial Recognition

Have you ever wished your doorbell could greet you by name? Well with these high end models that dream can become a reality.
Choosing the One for You

Alright so you’re sold on the idea of a doorbell but now you’re pondering, “Which type should I go for?” I get it; it’s like stepping into an ice cream parlor with 31 flavors. Having many options can be overwhelming. But don’t worry I’ve got your back.
It’s All About the Budget

things first lets talk money. If you’re on a budget your choices might be somewhat limited. However that doesn’t mean you can’t find something. The basic notification systems are quite affordable – we’re talking low as 50 bucks if you’re willing to do some DIY work.

What’s Your Motivation?

So what exactly is driving your desire, for a doorbell? Is it simply to know when the pizza delivery guy has arrived?Are you more concerned, about security. Want to know who’s at the doorstep before considering opening the door? Understanding your priority will help you focus on the features that’re most important to you.

Ease of Use

You’ll want something that suits your skill level especially if you’re handling it yourself. If your experience with electronics and coding is limited to turning on a TV it might be better to stick with a setup. However if you enjoy tinkering with things and writing code a complex system could be a challenge.


It’s also important to consider how well it will integrate with any existing home systems you already have. For example if your house already has Amazon Alexa set up you’ll likely want a doorbell that can seamlessly work with it.

Additional Features

Extra functionalities like voice interaction or facial recognition can be appealing, similar to adding sprinkles and whipped cream to your ice cream. However keep in mind that they often come at a price. So ask yourself whether these are to have extras or essential features for you.

Read Reviews and Seek Recommendations

Doing some research never hurts. Look up reviews. Ask for recommendations, from others who have experience in this area.
You may come across a brand that you never thought of or discover some tips and techniques.

Testing the Waters

Many places offer a return policy. If you’re unsure it’s an idea to consider purchasing a system that allows for hassle returns if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Long Term Support

Lastly consider the long term aspect. Does the system you’re considering receive updates and support? The last thing you want is a doorbell turning, into a “doorbell because its no longer supported.

To summarize choosing the doorbell is about finding the right balance between your needs, preferences and budget. It involves understanding how you plan to use it your level of expertise and how much you’re willing to invest. Makes sense doesn’t it? Happy decision making!

Essential Components for a Basic Smart Doorbell

Before we delve into details lets outline what we’ll need. You can consider using either a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino board along with a WiFi module, for connectivity. Additionally make sure to have a push button and the necessary wires and resistors.Lets get into the details; Creating Your Own from Scratch

So you have all your tools ready. You’re ready to go. Lets jump in!

Make sure you have an iron wire strippers and don’t forget to prioritize safety by wearing protective goggles. Safety always comes first especially when dealing with technology.

Step, by Step Instructions

The Initial Setup; Start by setting up and powering your Raspberry Pi or Arduino.
The Wiring Process; Connect the WiFi module and the push button together.
The Coding Phase; This is where the real magic happens. Write the code that will send notifications to your phone. Don’t worry; there are plenty of templates

Testing and Problem Solving

Didn’t go exactly as planned? Welcome to the club! Troubleshooting is like a side quest on this adventure. Double check your wiring connections. Debug your code if needed.
Time for an Upgrade! Taking it to the Next Level

If you’re not satisfied with receiving notifications why not make your doorbell stand out? Consider adding a camera or even voice interaction for an setup. Your imagination (and maybe budget) is the limit.
The Cost Comparison; DIY, vs Commercial Products

DIY Expenses

Building it yourself could cost as $50!

Commercial Expenses

The price range, for doorbells can vary from $100 to a whopping $400. Wow!

The Satisfaction of DIY

Let me tell you there’s something priceless about creating something with your own hands.

Real Life Experiences

I once knew someone who had zero knowledge about technology. Through a research and some trial and error he managed to build a doorbell that not sent notifications but also played his favorite tune when pressed.

Maintaining Your Smart Doorbell

Yeah it’s not the kind of thing you can just set up and forget about. Make sure you keep the software up to date and occasionally check for any signs of wear and tear.


So there you have it folks. Building a doorbell isn’t rocket science. It’s actually quite an rewarding project that brings a glimpse of the future right, to your doorstep.


Is building a doorbell difficult?
Nah it’s not as challenging as it may seem. If you can follow a recipe you can definitely build a doorbell.

Can I repurpose my smartphone as a camera?
Absolutely! Embrace. Innovation simultaneously.

Do I need coding skills?
Basic coding skills would definitely come in handy but don’t worry – there are plenty of resources to guide you along the way.
How secure is a smart doorbell?
It depends on the precautions you take. If you ensure the security of your network your smart doorbell will be safe.

Can I personalize the notification sound?
Absolutely! You have options to choose from. Pick a notification tone that resonates with your taste and preferences.

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